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Team Building

Get your co-workers together and have some fun!


There is nothing like building relationships by knocking each other down a few times!

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Birthday Parties

Already have a birthday party planned? Why not add one more activity?


We entertain birthday parties anywhere from 9-10 yr olds, all the way up to ... as old as you want us to go!

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We know you are super busy. But get outside and have some fun!


There is nothing like getting outside and having some good ole fun with friends or colleagues...So get in the ball and let out your inner child!

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    work outings

    Haven’t you always wanted to knock some of your coworkers down a few times?

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    Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

    Combined or Solo, mix up your crazy weekend by knocking each other all over the field!

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    family bbq's

    You work the grille we will keep the kids entertained!

It’s All Abouthaving Fun

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  • What age’s can play?  We like to keep the ages around 9+ 
  • Where can we play?  We bring the balls to you, wherever in the state you are located. We can play at any park, back yard or a grass lot about 20 yards by 20 yards…We can also play indoors on any basketball court type floors.
  • How Many Bubble Balls do you have?   Currently we have upwards of 40 balls, our average parties consist of about 10-16 balls.
  • Where are you located?  We are located in Vernon, CT. However we travel all over New England. We bring the Bubble Balls to a neighborhood nearest you!
  • Can I rent bubbles now?   We are currently accepting reservations. If you would like to rent, please email us. (Team@Knockerball-NE.com)
  • Do I have to pay for set-up and break-down time?No. We do not charge for set-up or break-down. Price quotes always reference the amount of time available to actually play, so 60 minutes means you can play for 60 minutes. (Travel fee may apply for distant destinations.)
  • Do you have a facility where I can come play?Currently, we provide the equipment and you supply the field. However, we can deliver the equipment almost anywhere. In addition to private athletic field facilities, some parks, universities, schools, and HOAs offer their fields for recreational use by the community. Note: Some parks and fields require a permit, reservation, and/or a use fee for some organized or team activities, and that is your responsibility.
  • Do you require a liability waiver (and what about minors)?Yes, we do. As with any athletic sport, there is a risk of physical injury when playing bubble soccer. We will give you some instruction on what not to do, but you are responsible for playing safely and sanely. For minors, a parent or guardian must sign a liability waiver.
  • I have a field/venue/related business, can I partner with you?Yes, please get in touch.

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Possibly the best party i have ever thrown!Greg Wright

I can’t express how much fun our family had. The staff was beyond courteous and helpful.Juan Nadal

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